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Exclusive Mini-Original Series by Igal Fedida

Posted 24 Mar, 2014 by in Art0
Exclusive Mini-Original Series by Igal Fedida


Igal Fedida’s artwork is now available in mini format, to please his growing number of collectors. Art & Soul commissioned the artist to develop a series of mini-originals to be used as groupings and a design statement over your favorite wall. They are exclusive of Art & Soul Fine Art.

The new group of 10 minis are part of the Beirishit-Creation series where Igal explores the relationship between nature and G-d, divine and human, darkness and light. Here is a guide  and glossary of his work that explains his highly symbolic creations:

Black and white: Represents the void, the nothingness. In the primordial life and in nonexistence everything was in black or white or both. Black in the physical world absorbs all the colors and contains all the colors. The white contains all in the metaphysical world. This is the void.

The Four Primary Colours(Bara in Four): Once coming from the void, in order to represent the first glimpse of the beginning of life, we see the sign of the letters and/or the four primary colors. Blue represents heaven, water, and wisdom; yellow represents the luminaries; green represents nature; red represents earth, life and blood.

Otiyot (Twenty-two Hebrew Letters): Based on Jewish mysticism we learn that in order to create the world from the void condition, God pulled the letters and life began.

 Bet: This letter is emphasized and stands out, usually in the color red. It represents the beginning of life. Genesis the Book of Life starts with Bet.

 Materials Used:  Building / industrial materials are used in the paintings. This symbolizes that as God who created and built his world, Igal is continuing creation through his art.

 Tar: Tar represents fire (esh). Igal uses fire and/or tar to represent fire. From the most ancient Kabalistic texts, first written in the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzira) related to the patriarch Abraham, we learn that the world has been created – the world came down as black fire on top of white fire which represents a major studying in Jewish meditation.

Bereshit: In the beginning, this is the first word in Genesis (Book of Torah). This word contains much of the importance in Judaism. In addition, within Bereshit are the words Bara (to create), Reshit (beginning and primal) and Rosh (head).

Red Dot: Symbolizes life or a sign of life.

Blue and Brown:  The heaven with blue and the earth with the mix of brown and red are represented.

Wood: Wood is organic. The Torah and The Book of Life is compared to a tree. Wood is never dead, becoming a piece of life.

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