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Meeting Yaacov Kaszemacher Z”L

Posted 09 May, 2012 by in Art0
Meeting Yaacov Kaszemacher Z”L

One of the exciting aspects of running a Jewish art gallery is the ability to travel the land of Israel and meet the artists personally. Meeting Yaacov Kaszemacher Z”L was one of the hi-lights of my career. He had such warm personality and ability to engage his audience. No matter if the customer was religious or secular, with a Shtrimel or thread locks, he always had the time to give out explanations about the Jewish content of his photography.

His passing on the 25 of Tammus of 2011 left the entire city of Tsfat in shock and sorrow. We are lucky to have kept in touch over the years and we are privileged to have a collection of hand-signed images in paper and canvas at the gallery. Browse Kaszemacher gallery of images and enjoy the legacy of a great artist.

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