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Morris Dahan

Posted 04 Nov, 2015
Morris Dahan

Morris Dahan was born in Tzfat, the seventh child of a large Moroccan family.   He has been creating art since his early childhood. He is a self-taught artist and his simple renditions of the nature and beauty of the Land of Israel and its people  alongside Biblical narratives are popular with tourists and art lovers from around the world.

Morris’s art themes derive from various sources including nature and religious themes and Biblical stories. His background in biology gives him a knowledgeable base which he relies on when painting flora and fauna of the area, pomegranates, scenes of the sea, wildlife and animal life. Morris also explores religious subjects in his paintings. He paints stories from the Bible that speak to him such as Jacob’s Coat of Many Colors, Jacob’s Ladder and the Parting of the Red Sea.

Morris works in watercolors. He views himself as a contemporary artist who explores traditional themes in his work. He uses sharp, firm lines along with bright vivid colors. Some of his paintings show a lone figure on a white background while other paintings are a rainbow of colors.

His colourful and minimalistic approach to Jewish art is a welcomed addition to Art & Soul Fine Art.

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