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More on Yoram Raanan

Posted 09 May, 2012 by in Art0
More on Yoram Raanan

Yoram Raanan is our featured artist of the month. His art collection encompasses a big variety of mediums and subject matters all based on the teachings of the Torah and his Jewish learning. Art & Soul Fine art started to promote his work on paper as a vehicle to make his art available to the average art buyer. We were very successful in making his name known in Toronto and we are happy to say that many homes and offices in Toronto are now decorated with his beautiful art.

In addition to Giclee prints on paper, we also offer an extensive collection of Raanan’s mixed media paintings on canvas. They capture the beauty and complexity of layers of an original painting without the cost. Mixed media paintings are also known as Hand-embellishment paintings. Each painting has embellishments done by the artist creating a unique piece all the time.

For the more affluent & sophisticated buyer we have also exclusive access to Raanan’s original paintings collection.  Please browse our gallery of images and enjoy the work of a real master.

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